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Nieuwe armen achterwielophanging via AutoLusso
« Gepost op: 05 oktober 2017, 20:04:26 »
Ziet eruit als een goede aanbieding van AutoLusso - maar is het uberhaupt nodig deze ooit vervangen?

I'm putting a bulk order in for some brand new original Alfa rear suspension parts - I can now get all 4 tranverse arms (including the front two transverse arms with upgraded bushes that are specific to the GTA models), both trailing arms and both rear hub bushes for a total of £380, all genuine Alfa. If you were to buy from Alfa, the total for this lot comes to £719.82, so almost half price. That's all 6 arms for the rear suspension & the hub bushes, there is nothing else to wear out other than the droplinks, anti-roll bar bushes & shocks, which most of us will have already replaced or upgraded over the years.

I'm ordering a set for my GTA, a set for my 156 2.4 JTD and a set for my 156 3.0 conversion, all 3 cars have a mixture of 10-15 year old OEM parts, a handful of Powerflex bushes and the odd aftermarket arm, which have bushes that are far too soft, so they're not exactly driving their best at the moment. With any luck they'll all be tip-top for another 10 years once the new bits are on.

I'll be ordering a few extra sets for use in the workshop but if anyone else is looking to sort their back end out just let me know and I can add to the order and courier them out once they're here, there's a 4 day wait on the GTA specific arms coming in from Italy. I'm looking to put the order in probably end of the week.
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