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[156] Exterieur / Spiegelvoet hetzelfde pre-facelift en facelift?
« Gepost op: 08 september 2016, 11:01:25 »
Zit er verschil tussen de zwarte spiegelvoeten in de modeljaren / fases?

Ik heb 't idee dat de facelift spiegel een klein pikkie eronder heeft voor de buitentemperatuursensor, maar dat heeft niets met de voet te maken.

Chit chat Archief / Nieuw speelgoed
« Gepost op: 11 november 2013, 22:31:51 »

€1400, aanrader (ik heb 'm niet).. werkt goed als ik zo het Flitsservice forum doorneem.

Chit chat Archief / Te koop: een Genuine Pussy Wagon van Toyota
« Gepost op: 24 september 2013, 11:30:45 »

    I am presenting you with a unique opportunity to own a genuine pussy wagon.

    Forget this delightful little two seater is your direct ticket to a plethora of punani and no doubt the answer to those lonely nights in.

    This road going aphrodisiac is the more desirable T bar version of the ever so popular mid-engined sports car ??? the legendary Toyota MR2. Just a quick cruise through the local town is enough to get jaws dropping and skirts lifting.

    This muff mobile has seen its fair share of action (136,500 miles to be precise) but has been regularly serviced. The book is fully stamped up to around 100k, after that I???ve got a folder full of receipts for everything from cam-belt changes to oils, filters and spermicidal lubricants.

    I???ve got all its previous tests, amazingly it passes every year. Its got four good branded tyres with lots of tread all round ??? Hankooks on the rear and Avons on the front??¦..but to be honest who cares bout that?

    I???ve got two keys and two fobs to the factory fitted alarm, just in case bitches be hatin???

    Its very reliable, drives perfectly and sounds great thanks to the stainless steel power-flow exhaust system, its not over powering but gives a nice tone, plus its only fair that the chichas can hear you coming.

    The 168 BHP naturally aspirated 2.0 engine provides you with enough grunt to escape from the less desirable???s you will inevitably attract the attention of, whereas the ventilated disc brakes fitted all round will ensure that you can stop in time to pick up the high street honeys.

    Cosmetically its in great condition for a 17 year old fanny magnet, its obviously been regularly hosed down by both myself and its previous keepers

    Inside its got the full wipe-clean black leather interior which really is a must in a car like this and there is an MP3 CD player fitted, perfect for blasting out your own sex mix.

    The blinds for the glass panels are present which are essential if you decide to park it up during the day, these have been steamed up on many an occasion but I???m pleased I can confirm that they do not let water in.

    Everything on the car is working and the pop up headlights will keep the bimbo???s entertained for hours.

    As with all used vehicles there are a few negatives, however I???m confident that the winning bidder will be so deep in beaver that these minor niggles will pale into insignificance. I???ve included photographs of these Incase you think I???m untrustworthy.

    -Unfortunately you can only fit one bird in it at a time.
    -Very slight bubbling to the rear sills, still totally solid.
    -Small tear in driver seat ??? I???ve covered it with rape tape so it doesn???t get any worse.
    -Electric aerial doesn???t go up ??? trust me a week behind the wheel of this bad boy and the aerial will be the only thing not erecting.
    -Chip in the windscreen, passed its last two tests with this as an advisory. I can only assume this was caused by a stiletto.

    The reason I???ve decided to pass it on is simply that my nuts are drained so I have decided to go for a spell of celibacy in a 306 diesel.

    This car would suit a variety of people from those heart broken souls suffering from a recent break up to happily married men looking to have an affair or two.

    Should the car make a reasonable amount I am willing to include 12 Trojan and a large pack of baby wipes (foto) which should be enough see you home.

    Believe it or not this is a genuine sale and the usual eBay rules apply. You bid to buy not to haggle and its cash on collection only.

    If you???ve got any questions then please get in touch. I???ll en-devour to get back to you as soon as possible but ask yourself this??¦.can you really put a price on pussy?

    Thanks for looking


[156] Interieur / Pedalen naar achter verplaatsen
« Gepost op: 23 juli 2013, 16:04:59 »
Niemand heeft het nog gedaan (ff alle topics over pedalen doorgelezen), zou het mogelijk zijn alle 3 de pedalen 5 of 10cm richting de motor te verplaatsen?

Ik zit graag dicht bij het stuur (?” la Sebastiaan Loeb), heb er een hekel aan om met lang gestrekte armen te sturen. Nadeel is dan dat m'n benen totaal geen steun hebben (ondanks verhoging voorzijde stoel).

Chit chat Archief / Schade..
« Gepost op: 25 juni 2013, 18:13:16 »
Vriendinlief heeft net in de trekhaak van haar voorganger gehapt, met mijn auto  Deuh

Geschatte schade: €1500 (ik denk dat dit zonder motorkap vervangen is)


- Voorbumper + grill
- Motorkap (klein beetje)
- Bumpersteun zit tegen aircoradiator aan, maar niet er doorheen voor zover we kunnen zien

Ze kunnen meer zien als de bumper eraf is..

Nu komt het leuke: de ANWB dagwaarde is gewoon maar €2000!  :o

Maandag breng ik 'm naar de schadehersteller..

Iemand nog tips?

Chit chat Archief / VERPLAATST: mooie bak
« Gepost op: 20 december 2012, 15:40:01 »

Chit chat Archief / VERPLAATST: blikvanger!!!
« Gepost op: 20 december 2012, 15:39:46 »

Chit chat Archief / VERPLAATST: dubbele uitlaat
« Gepost op: 07 december 2012, 10:01:11 »

Chit chat Archief / VERPLAATST: navi scherm flipt soms?
« Gepost op: 28 november 2012, 10:07:23 »

[159] Exterieur / VERPLAATST: Remmen
« Gepost op: 06 november 2012, 08:56:29 »

[159] Motorisch / VERPLAATST: stuurhuis
« Gepost op: 06 november 2012, 08:55:24 »

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